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Evonik has over 40 years of experience supplying performance chemicals to the oil and gas industries. Our global reach throughout the major oil and gas regions provides customers with local support to help them enhance performance and optimize value.

Oil and Gas
Drilling and Completion

The oil and gas industry has been able to overcome various challenges as wells being drilled get deeper, hotter and complex. Evonik offers a broad line of technologies for drilling fluid systems.

Drilling and completion products


As part of the completion process, cementing provides well integrity by protecting and sealing the wellbore. In order to provide the best bonding to casing and wellbore, Evonik’s line of spacer surfactants provide great cleaning while providing a water wet surface. 

Cementing products

Oil and Gas Stimulation

Stimulation techniques are used to encourage the flow of oil and gas from the reservoir rocks to the well head. Surfactant technologies are key in controlling water formation damage. Evonik offers a broad range of technologies that provide solutions at various stages of the stimulation process. 

Stimulation products

Oil and Gas Production

Oil and gas operators invest a lot into the exploration and development of fields, and hence expect the most returns on their investment. Evonik’s high performance chemistry will support the extension of the wells production life.  

Production products