Oil and Gas Surfactants

The Competitive Edge in Your Formulation

Evonik’s Technical Applications Product Line is a leading supplier of specialty additives for the oil and gas industry. We have decades of experience in the research and development of novel products for drilling, stimulation, cementing and production. We are confident that we have the right solutions to deliver real value for our customers.

Our world-famous brands –ADOGEN®, AROSURF®, TEGO® and TOMAMINE® comprise an extensive product portfolio that consists of traditional and specialty additives.

Evonik’s specialty surface tension reducers provide improved rock wettability while controlling foam generated by other surfactants systems. With the exponential growth of unconventional shale exploration, we offer shale stabilization technologies for drilling and stimulation. Our extensive line of foam control chemistries provides a solution to foaming in drilling, cementing, stimulation and production. 

In addition to providing practical solutions for the oil and gas industry, we believe that responsible action and business success are mutually inclusive.  The development of resource-efficient, eco-friendly fluids is crucial to the success of our industry and the sustainability of our planet. We actively contribute to this by offering additive solutions for eco-friendly fluid systems.