Application Technologies

Wetting agents

Surfactants used as wetting agents have played in pivotal role in lowering the cost of oil and gas production. Evonik is a leader in manufacturing wetting agents that reduce interfacial tension (IFT) for oil and gas applications. Many are multifunctional products that also proved foam control.
In addition to our traditional wetting agents, Evonik offers a broad line of super wetters {Link} which can reach ultra-low surface tension at low usage levels.


Water based drilling muds may contain hydrophobic articles such as gilsonite/asphalt that are difficult to water-wet. Evonik offers wetting agents for water, oil, and silicate-based drilling muds, completion brines, and drill-in fluids.

  • Water based mud
  • Oil based mud
  • Drill-in and completion brines
  • Silicate mud


Wetting agents potentially increase shear bonding in cement and water-wet hydrophobic particles such as latex rubber and fibers.

  • Wetting agent and foam control
  • Wetting agent


Wetting agents play a key role in modifying the wettability of rock formation during stimulation in order to provide a longer well production life. Evonik’s wetting surfactants have a proven record for being formulated as flowback, non-emulsifiers, breakers, guar and polymer slurries.

  • Wetting agent and foam control
  • Wetting agent
  • Non-emulsifiers
  • Guar and polymer slurries
  • Peroxide stable


The preparation of multi-component production additives requires strong wetting agents that can support the performance of active ingredients. In addition to wetting agents, Evonik offers biodegradable coupling agents that keep incompatible additives from separating.

  • Wetting agent and foam control
  • Wetting agent