Application Technologies


In addition to our traditional wetting agents, Evonik offers a broad line of super wetting agents which can reach ultra-low surface tension at low usage levels and help improve the recovery of trapped oil.


Water-based drilling muds may contain hydrophobic particles such as gilsonite/asphalt that are difficult to water-wet. Evonik offers super wetting agents for water-based muds, that in addition to lowering surface tension, can act as foam control agents.


Wetting agents potentially increase shear bonding in cement and water-wet hydrophobic particles such as latex rubber and fibers.


Wetting agents play a key role in modifying the wettability of rock surfaces during stimulation and can increase well production. Evonik’s super-wetting surfactants have a proven record for being formulated as flowback, non-emulsifiers, breakers, and adsorbed on proppant coatings.