Application Technologies


Evonik offers a broad line of emulsifiers for the oil and gas industry. These are used for the formulation of drilling muds, lubricants, flow-back additives, corrosion inhibitors, H2S scavengers, mutual solvents, and breakers, just to name a few.


Emulsifiers are used primarily in diesel and synthetic oil inverse emulsion drilling fluids as well as direct emulsions drilling fluids. Evonik offers emulsifiers for both systems:

  • Direct Emulsion or pink mud emulsifier: The use of brine based direct emulsions has played an important role in lowering drilling cost in many shale plays. Direct emulsions in drilling is not new, yet the application of unique chemistries that provide superb stabilities under challenging conditions is always a challenge. Please contact Evonik to learn more about our biodegradable emulsifiers for direct emulsions.
  • Inverse or Oil Based Mud Emulsifiers: Inverse Emulsion drilling fluid is the preferred system for majority of mud companies because of its shale stability control and lubricity. Evonik offers a line of drilling mud emulsifiers and wetting agents for the following regions: Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Please reach out to us for more information.


Evonik’s biodegradable Tomadol® EV surfactants have been used for years to formulate dispersions and micro-emulsions for flowback, slurries and acidizing additives.


Evonik’s line of multifunctional emulsifiers for production chemical formulation provide both emulsion stability while contributing to corrosion inhibition and lowering of pour point which is essential in winterizing additives for the field.